What About Voting?

Sometimes your Christian friends, or Christian organisations, can make you feel like voting one way or another is the Christian thing to do. And to do anything else is entirely UNchristian! The problem is, good Christian people on all sides of politics can make you feel like that, no matter who you’re voting for.


You can listen to the original audio of ‘What About Voting?’ here:

Midweek Q & A

When speaking about voting we invited questions via SMS. We recorded some responses to these questions here:

1. Is there a priority of values for a Christian to consider in voting? For example do personal morals trump broader responsibilities on mankind?

2. Do we go to the Word of God for particular subjects?

3. The Holy Spirit is my counsellor, so should I take His direction?

4. I usually vote for a person, the candidate that I believe has a good character and how they handle pressure because I believe that they will have the opportunity to influence the party. Do you think this is wise?


How to vote Christianly by John Dickson

Religion and politics is like ice-cream and manure: they don’t mix by Jarrod McKenna

Why I Won’t Vote Values by Scott J Higgins (this article was very helpful for us)

Democracy Sausage to find the best sausage sizzle and bake sale at a polling booth near you!