What About the Church?

Rather than starting with what’s right with the church, we more quickly and naturally gravitate to what’s wrong with the church. In our own conversations, and when other people ask us about the church. It’s often quicker and easier to start with the question, ‘What’s wrong with church?’

What is the church, why did Jesus begin the church and what did he have in mind? And especially, how do we respond to problems in the church when we come across them?


You can listen to the original audio of ‘What About the Church?’ here:

Midweek Q & A

When speaking about the church we invited questions via SMS. We recorded some responses to these questions here:

1.The ‘church’ rarely makes a public apology. I know it does occur privately. In what situations should we be modelling corporate guilt/sin and seeking forgiveness?

3.What about the Vatican? Specifically, what about their income and power?

4.Given that the New Testament teachings emphasise promoting unity within the church could you comment on the role of the World Council of Churches given that many people are suspicious of the integrity of such an organisation? And how, if at all, is this (ie the WCC) related to the end times formation of the one world church prophesied in Revelation as an evil thing?