What About Suffering?

Why do bad things happen? Where is God when we suffer? How should we respond to suffering?


You can listen to the original audio of ‘What About Suffering?’ here:

Midweek Q & A

When speaking about suffering we invited questions via SMS. We recorded a response to this question here:

  1. A common expression you hear from non-Christians is “I have no interest in a God who allows such suffering, who allows a child to die, who allows innocent people to be hurt,” and so on. What magic one-liner or short response can we give to them so that they are challenged to rethink their idea of God.
  2. Doesn’t God sometimes cause suffering for his glory and our ultimate good?


The quote by John Dickson is from an interview with Karl Faase in the Towards Belief DVD, Episode 1: Suffering, Olive Tree Media. You can find the DVD here.

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