What About Science?

Are God and science mutually exclusive? What about faith and science? What about when scientific discovery contradicts something we know to be true from the Bible? When it comes to faith in God, do we have to check our brains at the door? Should we tell people, “Sorry, you can’t bring that in here. Leave your brains behind and trust blindly in God.”? When we write about science for a handful of pages we are barely going to be able to scratch the surface of biblical interpretation or scientific discovery. But we’ll scratch at least a little bit.


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Midweek Q & A

When speaking about science we invited questions via SMS. We recorded a response to this question here:

  1. How do we answer the claims that the ‘science’ of evolution precludes creation? Specifically in school, how do our kids deal with the presentation by teachers of evolution as fact rather than theory?


The quotes from Ard Louis, John Lennox and John Polkinghorne are from interviews with Karl Faase in the Towards Belief DVD, Episode 7: Science & God, Olive Tree Media. You can find the DVD here.

For an excellent video portraying how amazing science is, watch Cosmic Eye here.

Here is an article on science and faith by John Lennox.

Here is a brief overview of three Christian views on creation.

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