What About God’s Judgement?

Why does God seem so different between the Old & New Testaments? How do we understand what seems like violence and anger compared to love and compassion? What about God’s judgement?


You can listen to the original audio of ‘What About God’s Judgement?’ here:

Midweek Q & A

When speaking about God’s judgement we invited questions via SMS. We recorded some responses to these questions here:

1.In the Old Testament, God is feared.  How does this ‘fit’ in with the progressive revelation model?  That is, how/why is God to be feared today?

2.Are we minimising the complete character of God by focusing so heavily on his (albeit major) New Testament character trait (love)?

3.Is God’s wrath still present?  Some would argue that it is, but not for those who have accepted Jesus, as the cross is a type of suspended sentence.  Does the cross suspend wrath (for those who have not accepted it) until the Day of Judgement?

4.Don’t you think that God in the New Testament, represented by Jesus, shows us who God is which is loving, full of grace etc. But the God of the Old Testament shows us God’s justice?

5.What about war/killing now? Are soldiers called to battle inside or outside God’s will?


Old Testament Mass Killings (John Coulter)

What does the Bible say about war? Is there ever a reason for it?